Our clients recognise that a successful enterprise is more than the sum of its parts. 

On introducing an expensive lifestyle enhancing item of technology to the family household, do you simply have it installed and then hand out copies of the instruction manual?  Based on our experience of employee benefits, this is what so often happens in the work place.  People have more chance of appreciating something if they understand what it actually is and how it will benefit them.  Without good communication the impact and value of your employee benefit package to your business is degraded. 


Packenham makes the design and communication of your employee benefit strategy a core objective and a measure of success.

Most of our clients’ businesses are based on the performance of the people they employ.  That performance can only be enhanced if your people are offered a well-thought out and cost-effective wrapper of employment benefits. This should provide them with a meaningful degree of security and an achievable element of incentive – both of which may prove fundamentally important should you ever wish to dispose of the business.  


A bewildering array of potential employee benefits are available (ranging through life assurance, income protection, pensions, private medical and dental services, employee discount programmes, concierge services and even gym memberships). Packenham can help you craft an appropriate package tailored to the needs of your business and its workforce.


This is not about philanthropy, paternalism or altruism: it’s about investing in and rewarding the people who comprise your business.  So often, employee benefits are viewed as a necessary evil rather than something which should resonate at the very heart of your enterprise.  An astute and enlightened employer appreciates this.  Packenham Works can design and help implement a plan which achieves your business goals.


Packenham Works…because they deserve it.