“Can I afford this?” is a question we should ask ourselves more often, particularly before we make a significant financial commitment.

Packenham Wealth will help you answer this question with confidence.  We analyse your circumstances (income, expenditure, assets, capital, liabilities, dependents and beneficiaries).  We help you make prudent decisions based on our deep understanding of your obligations, aspirations, timelines and appetite for risk.  Working at all times with tact and in the utmost confidence, we identify gaps in protection, over or under exposure to particular classes of risk and “lazy” money which should work harder for you.  Our advice is structured to be tax efficient:  from ISAs to trusts, pensions and family investment companies through considering the various applicable reliefs.  We are not tied to selling particular products, so are at liberty to provide truly independent advice tailored to your specific needs.


Some strategies may require the deployment of other professionals including tax advisers, accountants and lawyers.  Our extensive experience of working alongside other professionals means that we can offer pertinent insights on how best to motivate them to operate as a team – united in the delivery of your plans.  We can offer guidance on suitable partners to deliver a particular element of your strategy based on our experience of their ability to deliver (rather than just their membership of our Golf Club).  Where a holistic approach is required on a major initiative we’re also very happy to provide a “big planning” service through our sister company Big Planning Limited* – specialists in project design and management, team building and professional service referrals.  We benefit from an admirable network of exceptional people – if you’ve been quietly nurturing a big plan of your own for several years, we may well have the contacts that can kick-start it into reality.


Obviously, we have to be remunerated for work undertaken on your behalf.  We believe in fixed fees and no surprises.  We can only operate a fixed remuneration framework if we have a good initial grasp of what you might need.  Accordingly, our first meeting will comprise a fact-finding survey of both your current circumstances and your appetite for risk.  Following that meeting we can provide you with a quotation of the anticipated cost.  If you agree to proceed with Packenham, we will provide you with our engagement terms detailing the basis of remuneration for the services you require. Work can only commence once you have signed and returned our engagement terms and we have completed our own client take-on formalities. 


The way we work revolves around you and not what financial products we can sell – many of our engagements are advice centric and do not call for a particular product but rather the fine-tuning of an overall strategy based on an existing portfolio.


Packenham Wealth…because you’ve earned it.


*Please note that Big Planning Limited has no connection whatsoever with Caerus Financial Limited and the Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate their activities.