Welcome to the website of Packenham Limited, the home of independent fee-based financial advice.


We are based in the heart of England, with clients across the UK and abroad.  The people we work for are entrepreneurs or senior leaders in blue-chip businesses.  Their financial goals are broadly similar – to nurture their families, careers, businesses, assets and aspirations in order to create an enduring and stable legacy. 


Realising these goals demands bespoke advice and planning – one size does not fit all.  We take our clients beyond traditional product-centric financial advice; to help them envision, articulate and execute a holistic and transformative approach to the management of their wealth for the short, medium and longer term.  This means we spend quality time with them – getting to know what makes them and their families tick. 


Our clients are shrewd operators in their own fields – so are we.  Years of experience have gone into the Packenham offering which spans personal and family wealth management, employee benefit and reward schemes and what we call “big planning”.    


We hope our website piques your interest.  In your own time, we’d be delighted to hear from you.