Founder and Director:  John Pottinger


John has worked in the financial services industry for almost 30 years.  His experience ranges from senior positions in global accountancy practices to specialist boutique practices.  The majority of John’s career has involved working closely with entrepreneurs and business professionals specialising in corporate finance, private equity, tax, infrastructure projects, estate planning, family offices, property holding and development.


John prides himself on the ability to distil clear and potent solutions from the often complex and multi-faceted challenges facing his clients, most of whom are now very good friends.


On the topic of distilling, John is an aficionado of malt whisky but balances his love of Scotland’s most famous export with a penchant for sampling fine wines in their native terroir  accompanied by authentic local cuisine.       

John loves to cook.  Asked to produce fresh pasta during a fine dining tutorial the Michelin starred chef in charge described his effort as “excellent”, adding “…you’ve clearly done this before.”  When not engaging in or planning epicurean delights for clients, friends and family John is a keen cyclist, golfer, walker and player of badminton.  John also reads voraciously and has an eclectic taste in music and theatre. 


John is also a photographer – the picture of the clock you see on this website was taken by John at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris (further examples of John's photographic work can be found by clicking here).  He chose it as the emblem for Packenham to emphasise that time is an asset which, if not used creatively and strategically, can so easily be wasted.  John’s motto is carpe diem.  His mission is to make the best use of your time to optimise your wealth creation and management strategy.